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Galanta Cultural Centre is a cultural-educational institution, which in accordance with the Cultural Activities Act, contributes to the development and creation of a cultural way of life in the Galanta region by increasing the cultural-educational level of citizens. The scope of activity of Galanta Cultural Centre includes organising creative activities, providing counselling services for those implementing cultural activities, providing information and knowledge about culture, science and technology, deepening the relationship with the nation and national cultural identity, developing the culture of national minorities and ethnic groups, educating through art and towards arts in particular by developing Leisure-Artistic Activities (LAA), holding advancement competitions at regional, national and international levels, and organising festivals and performances by LAA ensembles and training-educational events. Furthermore, Galanta Cultural Centre seeks to preserve, care for and make available to the public the folk traditions of the region with an emphasis on developing and making use of them in a creative way. It also focuses its activities on the field of environmental training and education, to assist in prevention of anti-social phenomena, drug addiction and crime; enables people to fill their leisure time with cultural activities, carrying out intermediary, publishing, promotional and advertising activities to the extent of and in accordance with the mission of the cultural establishment; and participates in fulfilling the tasks related to the development of cultural-social life of the region in accordance with its mission, co-operating with cultural and social organisations and local and regional institutions.

Galanta Cultural Centre since 2000 began to publish the magazine Obzor, which in our region is considered unique in its kind. This magazine aims to promote and inform about cultural events and educational activities in the district of Galanta.

Since 2002 works in Galanta Cultural Centre Club artists Palette of Galanta. The club currently has 30 active members from region Galanta. Galanta Cultural Centre every year in February and March in the gallery of the Renaissance palace Galante made an exhibition of works of members of the Club artists Palette of Galanta.


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Mgr. Margita Knappová

tel.: 00421 31 780 26 21 

fax: 00421 31 780 26 21